Cotton & Steel line of fabric, “Checkers” was used for my design, playing off of my childhood memories of gingham prints.
Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 11.27.12 AM
When I first saw the Chckers line of fabric it reminded me of a board game with all of the boxes and strategy that is involved. I am really looking forward to constructing this quilt.

Today I started working on a new quilt that I designed myself.  I titled the quilt “Checkmate” because I used all of these new fabrics by Kaufman that are various sizes and colors of checks. … it actually reminds me of the gingham prints that I have always love.

Let’s see how it turns out and I hope that you like it.

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For That Very Special Person In My Life…

A special quilt for that special man to keep him warm at night and close to his heart.


Over the summer I started taking quilting classes and really enjoyed it- always thinking of my mother and grandmother, as both were great quilters.

I chose these fabrics for Anson because they remind me so much of him and his taste in clothing and design.  Even the sashing in the quilt has writing on it with formulas and calculations throughout the design.  Many of the fabric designs were very organic in feel- and no one loves organic anything more than Anson.  (I’m somewhat concerned that he might try to eat the quilt because he is always seeking out organic foods.)

This is a quilt that I really enjoyed selecting the fabrics for.  The women at the shop were concerned that it would never work out because there wasn’t enough contrast, however that didn’t stop me.  I’ve really taken to the whole Steampunk movement and this is very reflective of it.  When I took the quilt back to the shop they couldn’t believe it and nothing could have pleased me more!  Many of the shops are very set in their ways and not receptive to  breaking tradition.

Here is a close-up of one of the blocks to give you an idea of the fabrics that were selected for Anson’s quilt.
Larger sampling of the quilt squares, showing how the various fabrics worked in shades of beige, tan, ivory, gray, taupe and a few hazy and steel blues.


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