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Sewing is something that always brings me back to my childhood when I would go with my mother to take her sewing classes at the YMCA. I would sit with her and watch her make various pieces of clothing and when we got home I would also want to try my hand at sewing. She was a very loving mother and rarely said no. She would encourage me to be my best at anything that brought me joy.

Since the birth of my dear friends daughter in 2012 I have wanted to make small things for her. Once she was walking and talking she really started expressing herself when she tries on dresses that have pockets for her small toys and are very full so that she can twirl.

I also enjoy making various totes, pouches and drawstring bags that people can use to store various items such as cosmetics, cables, accessories, etc. I enjoy matching the various fabric patterns to see how they turn out.

Holiday Bag Order

Cluster of bags for the holidays.
Cluster of bags for the holidays.

This week I have been working to complete a large order of the fabric drawstring bags that I have been making for people.  I enjoy making these bags because I get to choose beautiful fabrics and put together different combinations that are certain to put a smile on the face of the recipient.

The bags come in various sizes and fabrics.  I always choose the primary fabric and then select a contrasting fabric for the top of the bag and then a third fabric for the interior.

I always try to make the interior of the bags as nice as the outside by creating an element of surprise with the fabrics that are chosen.  Here is an example of the lining of the bag with the personalized label sewn to the interior.

Soft Pink floral print bag with orange gingham interior lining and pink drawstrings.

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